Probe station and Electronics Rack


Cascade Microtech RF-1 Microwave Probe Station

6"/150mm vacuum chuck 

Leica S6E trinocular stereozoom, 10x/23 eyepieces, 6.3-40x zoom, total magnification 6.3-40x, 36.5mm FOV, 110mm working distance, camera port

Independent X, Y, and Z movement of microscope 

Platen lift controls 

5 vacuum ports 

6 Measurement Terminals (Max 50VAC or 120VDC)

Manual X, Y, Z adjustment of Chuck 

Dimensions: 25" x 22" x 21.5" H 

Vacuum Requirement: 15" Hg 

Operations Manual 


Leica S8-APO stereo microscope (shown in photo) with CCD Camera Port (Trinocular), 10x/23 eyepieces, 8:1 zoom, total magnification 10-80x, 75mm working distance

MH2-B micropositioners with vacuum base, probe arm, and 100TPI lead screws (set of 4)


Probe station manual here

Keithly 2182 multimeter here

Model 6430 Sub-Femtoamp Remote SourceMeter here

Prologix GPIB-ethernet controller for PC here