General Information

Use of CeNSE Facility

Strong management is critical for the facility to succeed since untrained/misguided researchers can destroy the equipment through misuse and contamination. Knowledgeable staff will encourage the education process with practical training that will greatly enhance progress towards research goals. Thus users fees are required for staff, maintenance, repairs, and common expendables such as cleaning chemicals and garments. Considering the capital costs, the user fees are extremely modest compared with establishing a center and maintaining it. However PI´s must recognize the cooperative nature of the facility and that proposed experiments could damage equipment.

User fees include access to all equipment, use of safety/contamination garments. Common chemicals for established procedures, waste disposal for common procedures, supplies for common film deposition and photolithography will be supplied at additional cost. Researchers are responsible for special supplies, waste disposal and special safety needs. Substrates must be provided by researchers. Director of the facility reserves the right to curtail the overuse of equipment when it interferes with the progress of other members. Equipment is not to be used for production, but for the advancement of research, development and education of students.

PI´s are strongly encouraged to include user fees into research proposal budgets. The director has finite funds for user fees to support PI´s with promising research ideas. The premise is that applications for future research funds would include support facility user fees. In such circumstances, PI´s should directly contact Dr. Todd Hastings for a case-by-case evaluation.