Policies & Procedures

General Facility Use

Researchers must be trained on each instrument that is used.

Sign up is first come, first served. A calendar can be found at every instrument. Each user is required to sign his/her name, professor´s name and phone number. Instructors wishing to use the facility for course instruction must schedule at least a week in advance. The director, under special circumstances, may assign priority to special projects, weighing the needs of student progress.

The log must be filled out for every station (especially the chemical cleaning hood) to have a record of users and chemical systems.

Dr. Todd Hastings has the authority to immediately suspend privileges of any user who performs unsafe experiments and/or violates safety regulations. The door key code will be cancelled and unescorted entrance into facilities will be treated as trespassing and campus police will be notified. Access will be reinstated only after the majority of core professors vote to do so after agreeing on appropriate corrective actions such as a thorough safety report or 'fabrication community' service. This process will take several weeks and will interfere with student progress; thus following procedures is critical. Protest of suspension can be taken directly to Dr. Singh, who, as director, has final authority in all matters. Dr. Singh has a strong commitment to safety and will not take this matter lightly.

Faculty member and others wishing to use the CeNSE facilities are responsible for providing the special accessories needed for their experiments. For example, the CeNSE will not provide process gases, deposition materials, substrates or non-standard cleaning chemicals.

The user must follow all University of Kentucky safety regulations and must provide MSDS paperwork for all chemicals and gases brought into the facility. Working alone with chemicals, furnaces and CVD equipment is forbidden. If a co-worker momentarily steps out of room then the door should remain open to allow prompt aid in event of mishap.

Users must use appropriate safety wear. If performing non-standard procedure you must provide your own safety wear. All gas cylinders must be securely fastened!! If researcher is bringing in a new cylinder, they must provide appropriate safety restraints and consult  Dr. Chuck May.

The user is responsible for cleaning the equipment that he/she uses. If you are unsure of the operation of a piece of equipment, PLEASE ASK FOR HELP.

For further information or questions, please contact: Dr. Todd Hastings, todd.hastings@uky.edu, A schedule of lab hours for all personnel is posted.