Calculation Stations



Yes. It is just a computer. However it is a Core2Duo with 4GB of RAM. It is available on a first come first serve basis and has internet access. It has a CD/DVD burner and can be used with USB thumb drives. Please don't save the the hard drive. It is loaded with the following software:

  1. Microsoft Office 2007 - Office suite
  2. SPICE - general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear dc, nonlinear transient, and linear ac analyses
  3. Matlab - computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization,and data analysis
  4. Firefox - Internet
  5. Electron Beam Lithography design software
  6. Scion Image - Image measurement and analysis
  7. CASINO - Monte Carlo Simulator not gambling
  8. Uconeer - unit converter for engineers
  9. Gwyddion - AFM image manipuation
  10. Make a suggestion for other software you'd like to see