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The RTP-600xp system is an advanced bench-top rapid thermal processing system with multi-gas capabilities. The system processes wafers up to 6" in diameter. The integrated process control system features real-time graphics, recipe management, data acquisition and display and has a comprehensive diagnostic function. The system consists of a heating chamber unit with an integrated computer control system and software. The wafer to be processed is placed on a quartz tray, which slides into a quartz tube in the processing chamber. There are two sets of quartz tubes separated for CMOS application and other purposes. [see Figure 1] Processes The system can be used for Contact alloying, Implant activation, Silicide formation, Nitridation of metals and Oxidation. Temperature Range: 250-1300oC; Ramp Rate: 0-150oC/sec; Temperature Control Stability: +/-2oC; Temperature Accuracy: +/-2oC.